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Is our more advanced CNC control, for use on any of our gauging products.
It is currently offered as a one through three axis control, X, Y, and Z.
A.S.A.P. controls make it easy to upgrade your existing machines performance
and to produce parts more accurately and at faster production rates.

Our 3 axis ready modular design that allows upgrade to other models
Includes programmable X axis Retract on pinch, range is 0 - 9 inches on pinch
Includes programmable X axis Pause 0 - 99 seconds before moving.
Retract and pause are individually programmable for each and every move.
Programming on 14 keys is simple and has data carry forward for fast programming with the least amount of keystrokes.

You are assisted with a message display that shows the key choices available as
the data is saved and while running Jobs, Moves, Edits, Diagnostics.

You can read through any of the programs in Edit mode and easily make any changes to data in memory as you desire with 3 simple key choices.
ADD ( to insert ), DEL ( to delete ), or USE ( to leave the data as it is currently )

You also see the program as the job runs on the message display for cross checking the axis displays actual position.

Quick keypad mode, allows a 5 bend job from keypad without saving to memory.

Storage for 255 jobs with up to 255 steps on each axis, plenty of memory !
Has provisions included for PC upload/downloads communications
One enclosure houses the complete system including the servo drives

Runs on 120 volts
2 year factory warranty with
Lifetime Upgrades and Factory Support!

MX99-1 single axis
MX99-2RDM two axis for ram depth monitoring
MX99-2RDS two axis for ram depth servo motor
MX99-3RDM three axis for ram depth monitoring
MX99-3RDS three axis for ram depth servo motor

Custom programming available in 1 - 3 axis models



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